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Ice cream….peanut butter and jelly…..anything with or made of chocolate…pizza, etc., etc., etc. They all sound yummy don’t they? As a matter of fact, they are yummy. The problem is that eating any of those in excess is not such a good thing. Good nutrition is important for everyone, especially those who are HIV positive. Good nutrition helps the immune system by giving it the vitamins and nutrients it needs to stay healthy. Eating well nutritionally can help you feel energized and help you take on the challenges of the day. Eating healthy can also shorten the time you are stuck with a cold.

Eating healthy on a fixed income can be difficult but not impossible. There are many options available to you if you’re concerned about your eating habits. The ADHC offers an evening meal program three nights a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) where nutritious, balanced meals are served. Utilize the variety of food programs and pantries to help stretch your food dollar while at the same time providing you with the components of making a nutritionally sound meal. Attend the numerous nutrition groups in order to gain knowledge and understanding of what makes a balanced meal. Finally, the ADHC program is blessed to have two nutritionists who can assist you in learning how to eat healthy and give suggestions and ideas on how to make meal preparation and the meal itself more interesting
Have fun with food, enjoy some of your favorite things (in moderation of course) and remember, healthier eating leads to a healthier you! Bon apetite!!! Mangia, mangia!!!! Comer bueno!!!!!!!!!

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Campaign to End AIDS

Housing Works is one of the major AIDS Service Organizations leading “The Campaign to End AIDS” this September. Join us for the march to DC!! It kicks off September 18th with a march through the Lincoln tunnel, then on to Washington! For more information read below, look for flyers posted, or visit on the Internet. Sign up NOW!!

The Campaign to End AIDS (C2EA) is a diverse, exciting new coalition of people living with HIV/AIDS, their advocates and their loved ones. Together, we're demanding that our leaders exert the political will to stop the epidemic, in the U.S. and abroad, once and for all. In small towns and big cities across America, we're mobilizing to ensure the best treatment and care for all HIV-positive people and HIV prevention methods backed by good science. Best of all? This October, we're taking our message to Washington, the thousands!
This September, 10 caravans of people with HIV/AIDS and their supporters will depart for Washington, D.C. from cities across the country as part of the Campaign To End AIDS. During their month-long journey, the caravans will stop in over 100 cities and towns, staging rallies and events and picking up thousands of riders along the way. And on October 7, they'll all converge in our nation's capitol for “Five Days of Action to End AIDS”- an action-packed week of events including: visits to every lawmaker on Capitol Hill, an interfaith prayer service, a rock concert, and The March To End AIDS, which culminates with a rally in Anacostia, a part of D.C. hit hard by the epidemic yet largely ignored by lawmakers. Why caravans? Partly because, as HIV/AIDS increasingly becomes a disease of color and of poverty, we drew inspiration from Martin Luther King's 1968 Poor People's March on Washington when countless folks of all races voyaged journeyed to D.C. from around the country to demand economic human rights for all. Today, the fight against HIV/AIDS is a part of that greater struggle — it is a struggle for the basic rights of humanity. Plus, 10 caravans crisscrossing the country and holding rallies, concerts and prayer vigils along the way provides us a great opportunity to bring public attention to the fact that we have the tools to stop the AIDS epidemic—and that our leaders must exert the political will to make them available to everyone!



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